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Do you know what you want out of life? Are you contemplating changing careers or taking a career break? Do you battle with imposter syndrome and doubt your own abilities? Or are you a high achiever wondering how to create a life that is more in tune with who you are today? Look no further. My coaching sessions are specifically designed to help you break free from self-doubt, recognise your true strengths, and uncover the person you actually want to be.


Each coaching session will provide the tools, strategies, and support you need to believe in yourself unapologetically and take confident action towards your goals.


I am a former CNN anchor with over 20 years experience as a broadcast journalist. I understand what it takes to succeed in a highly stressful and demanding environment. I also understand the confusion and conflict we feel when success (when defined by others) doesn’t match the vision we have for our own lives. We often feel that confusion and conflict because we have been surrounded by generational, social, cultural, and racial expectations that don't match who we are today. What I know for sure is that everything we have ever been through, experienced, accomplished, learned, it all adds up. It all contributes to who we are today.


Whether you're a current or former journalist like me or a high-achieving professional in any industry, my coaching is tailored to your unique needs and challenges. Gain the clarity, self-assurance, and empowerment you need to thrive in your career and personal life.


My coaching takes an holistic approach. It is rooted in empathy & compassion. It is results oriented. After each session you will start to gain agency over your life so that the choices you make feel authentic, powerful, and aligned with what it is you want. 


Don't let imposter syndrome hold you back any longer. Don’t let your past or fears dictate your future. Take charge of your success and happiness. Embrace your true purpose and potential.

Contact me for a free clarity session today! 


“The world does not deliver meaning to you. You have to make it meaningful...and decide what you want and need and must do.” 

— Zadie Smith

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