We are the sum of our varied experiences. I spent 20 years reporting on hard news but I also presented a show about all the things I loved: design, architecture, entertainment, with a key interest in the creative process. I was born to Indian parents in Hong Kong but grew up in Toronto and have lived in America and London. Now I am raising my son with my husband in the beautiful English countryside.


With this blog, I actively search for narratives, stories that are representative of our diverse human experience. From race, ethnicity, gender, and age, we all have a voice that needs to be heard. That is why I started this blog. To find those stories, to share those narratives, and to celebrate our diversity. I created it to bring perspective, depth, and context to the stories making news.

I am interested in people, our journeys, how we think, and what makes us who we are. If you’re like me, and you’re someone whose interests range from psychology to pop culture; wellness & news; architecture & design; then welcome! 


"The task is clear: to create a culture of caretaking in which no one and nowhere is thrown away, in which the inherent value of people and all life is foundational."

--Naomi Klein