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Fulfilment. Confidence. Purpose.
They are all within reach.


Building A Roadmap:
How Meaningful Conversations Can Lead to a Purposeful Life

Discover how meaningful conversations can help to shape a purposeful life.

Explore five revelations and 3 practical questions you can start asking yourself right now

to unlock your path to clarity, fulfilment, and to living that life you love.

"I surprised myself every week by how much we uncovered that helped me solve a bit of the puzzle my life and ambitions had become. You have to work on yourself, but under Monita's guidance, that work leaves you feeling a new lease on life.


Working with Monita was the best investment I made in me this year."

Justin, Dir. of Exec. Comms, San Francisco

Exploring life's intricacies through words with the aim to connect and expand our emotional intelligence.

Image by Nick Hillier

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