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I often get asked why I left a successful career as a broadcast journalist to become a life coach.

My answer is, being a life coach is where I feel the most real and honest version of me.

And it is my desire to help others find that for themselves too.

Content from around the world that deserves a repost.

Each with the goal to inspire, engage, and connect.

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"How the Surgeon General Put His Own Wellbeing on Hold and Felt Lonely. Dr Vivek Murthy wants us all to think about the toll loneliness takes on society... so shares his own story of feeling alone.“We have to pull the curtain back on loneliness.” That was the call to action from two-time US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on the worrying effects of feeling alone."

"Contemporary wisdom says that happiness is the measure of a marriage. But is that a harmful way of judging relationships?

Looking for someone ‘better’ may be particularly tempting today...This invites a continual examination of ourselves and our partners to see if we are failing to live the kind of life we might have, if only."

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Photo: Genevieve Rober/@reitcatou Instagram

Illustration: Rebekah Dunlap

Photo: Alden Wallace

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