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Happy Holidays!

Dear Wonderful Readers,

Thank you for being a part of what is a labour of love. The Citrine Room is a place in which I can explore the issues that are important to me. It is also a place where I can share what I find, stories that are compelling and interesting, creative and  inspiring. It is my way of bringing you into my world of curiosity and interest in all that makes us human. 

Writing the blog, curating articles, it's all done with you in mind, hoping to bring a different perspective on stories out there and hopefully inspire you to do great things because of your innate goodness and beauty. These are things we all have inside of us, a desire to mean something to someone, a desire to do something that is more than the daily grind, a desire to have an impact--even if it is on one person. 

I hope this holiday brings you some much needed peace. It can be a difficult and lonely time for many and if that's you, I understand. Really, I do. Rest assured this time will pass. Just like the turning of a page on a calendar, it is a new day and then a new year. I've learned to rely on my imagination in challenging times. Instead of focusing on what I don't have, I like to imagine what next Christmas might look like and the miracles that could come my way in the year leading up to it. My beautiful mother always says good things can happen in a blink of an eye. So have faith, lovely ones. Believe that you deserve miracles in your life.

Many years ago, while in a taxi in London, I went past a building that had the banner with the words 'The Age of the Marvellous' emblazoned on it. It was a chance sighting for me, so at the time, I took it as a sign of things to come. That was in 2009. Ten years later, I can honestly say it has been a marvellous decade filled with events that changed the course of my life from finding the love of my life in my husband to leaving a professional life I once thought was my only destiny. It was in this "Age of the Marvellous" decade where I experienced the birth of my little miracle, my son. And it is in this time where we found ourselves--not where we had always been, but where our hearts led us--living in the countryside, close to nature.

I hope this New Year and New Decade bring you the signs, the answers and opportunities that help propel you into the authentic life that you desire. Every moment counts. Thank you for sharing some of your moments with me.

Monita xo


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