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Fall back & relax...

One of the most riveting dramas I had seen in a long time was one I watched just a few weeks ago. 'Help' starring Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham, explores the heartbreaking realities faced by care workers during the COVID crisis. It was gripping and incredibly sad. It made me think about how any of us could face a life in a care home, a place where residents are often forgotten by the outside world. It was a drama that stayed with me for many days.

A drama like this could only have that kind of a visceral impact because of the story, the incredible script and also the stripped back performances of its cast. What they showed was a human-ness--no drama--just real life. The star of 'Help' is Jodie Comer, an actress who picks her roles carefully and shows with each performance her breadth of talent. There doesn't seem to be a desire to be a star, rather, a desire to challenge herself with each performance (Villanelle is a great example of her work too). I've found an enjoyable interview with Comerand I've included it in #Repost this week.

This week's selection is as varied as it is interesting. From a mother's point of view when it comes to raising kids--kids who become rock stars that is; a woman whose steady rise to the top of men's professional sports surprised no one despite her appointment to the top job making history; another woman who turned alcohol-related trauma into a mission to change how we see and relate to booze; to the actor Matthew Rhys' side hustle, one that caught him by surprise and took him through a four year struggle of questioning and wondering what he got himself into.

Finally, I have a sad story out of the Democratic Republic of Congo where park rangers at the Virunga National Park said goodbye to Ndakasi, a 14 year old mountain gorilla who died after a brief illness. Ndakasi grabbed their hearts from the moment they found her when she was a baby sitting next to her mother's body. She remains in their hearts having taught them so much about love and compassion.

I hope you take some time for yourself this weekend to read these stories. In the meantime, I am off to hang out with my kid as he parks himself on the couch to enjoy his half-term holiday.

Monita xo


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